The Dream Narrow boat



    Vital Statistics  


Idea conceived

November 2001  
  Creators Derek and Dot Canvin  
  Builder Heron Boatbuilders  
  Launched 6th March 2004  
  Length 55 foot (16.77m)  
  Beam 6 foot 10 inches (2.08m)  
  Draught 2 foot (0.61m)  
  Air Draught 5 foot 9 inches (1.75m)  
  Engine Isuzu 4LC38  
  Electrics Engine Alternators 1 x 70 amp/hr 1 x 110 amp/hr  
  Starter Battery 1 x 12 v x 110 amp/hr starter battery                                   
  Domestic Batteries 4 x 6 v Trojan 395 amp/hr domestic batteries(Linked in parallel and series to supply 12 v x 790 amp/hr)  
  Anodes  x 6 (2 each bow, mid ships and stern)  
  Sterling Alternator to battery charger 210 amp/hr  
  Sterling 3000 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter plus 240 volt landline  
  Water Tank 900 litres  
  Diesel Tank 150 litres  
  Holding tank 150 Litres  
  Gas 2 x 13kg bottles  
  Heating Mikuni MX60 diesel fired, 3 radiators, 1 heated towel rail and hot water calorifier (also heated by engine)  
  Design Click for a larger view of our layout drawing  

  To view build photos click here
  January 2003.
  We have now finalised details & signed a contract with Heron boat builders in Mirfield Yorkshire.  Start date is scheduled for late July 2003 with completion January / February 2004.  We have plans to fly to the UK and take delivery on 4th March staying in Britain for five weeks and spending time with our daughter Tracey and her partner Mark, before flying home for work on 11th April 2004.
August 2003
  After two years of dreaming, planning & hours exploring the internet on the subject of narrowboats our dream is finally starting to take shape. The bow section is complete & work is due to start on the stern section with both of them being connected together by the main cabin section late August/early September.
September 2003
As of the end of the month the steel work is now complete. 
October 2003
  Next project is  the interior to be spray painted prior to the timber framing along with the sprayfoam insulation. The ballasting & flooring will go in after the base of the hull has been coated with bitumastic paint.The electrician & plumber will then run all the preliminary wiring & piping prior to the interior panelling being fitted.
  November 2003
  Gypsyrover has now moved into the fit out shop for lining & bulkheads. By the 30th November the bed, bedside cabinets and the two bulkheads (the one between the dinette and galley being only a half bulkhead) have also been fitted.
January 2004
Gypsyrover is now a reality with just the finishing touches to be applied on the interior, exterior painted & windows to be fitted. Despite being told that boat builders never complete projects on time, Heron boat builders have come through with flying colours which I would put down to the fact that the original plan has been stuck to throughout & time payments were made when due.
March 2004
Gypsy Rover was launched at 4.30pm on the 5th March 2004.  Details of her maiden voyage from Mirfield in Yorkshire south to the River Wey in Surrey took 3 weeks.

For full details see the diary.  

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